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The EFI stub loader is a component of the kernel, not a separate program. When the EFI stub loader is included in the kernel, that kernel file. 27 Jan set gfxpayload=keep linux /casper/ file=/cdrom/preseed/ boot=casper quiet splash persistent -- initrd /casper/ 1 Jun Nevertheless, on a UEFI system, just copying the IEFO files to a FAT filesystem will . linux /casper/ file=/cdrom/preseed/

17 Mar In the casper directory of the flash drive, there is a file Remove its extension to rename it to vmlinuz. Try the installation again. I restarted, chose Arch Linux in my EFI boot menu and voilà, It just says the vmlinuz-linux file is corrupt whenever I try to boot into Linux. linux /casper/ iso-scan/filename=$isof file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu. seed boot=casper initrd /casper/ } menuentry "Ubuntu amd

14 Feb linux /casper/ file=/cdrom/preseed/ boot=casper quiet splash. After the word “splash,” leave a space and write “persistent. 24 Dec then echo Grub is now booting Windows EFI Boot Manager echo set kernelpath='/casper/' set initrdpath='/casper/' set. loader /casper/ options "file=/cdrom/preseed/ boot =casper quiet splash " initrd /casper/ }. (If you are not using Ubuntu. 15 Feb So I created an UEFI-bootable Archlinux installation USB drive (with a FAT partition) . cp /boot/vmlinuz-linux /boot/efi/EFI/arch/ The Kali iso does not support being used as a EFI bootable source out of the box. linuxefi /install/vmlinuz video=vesa:ywrap,mtrr vga=